What can you really do with colour? The development of the eye triggered the Big Bang in evolution. It meant life could at last understand signalling and those creatures that developed colour vision quickly climbed to the top of the food chain. So you can see that colour is absolutely at the core of the most basic non-verbal communication. Big Bang Source The Light Switch Theory by Andrew Parker

Smart brands speak to their customers using this universal language to deliver clear messages. Think of a few of the most powerful global brands. What about Apple? The glossy silver company logo falls perfectly inline with its technological resume. Its cool demeanour sets it apart from its competitors. The blackened edges add history to this logo. It knows what it is and is quietly confident.

What do you think about Google’s multi-colour logo in primary hues? You can see that these colours play on their association with youth and fun to drive the Google brand forward as number one for information and learning in their customers’ eyes. Objectively, it could do with some tonal adjustments to unify these crucial elements.

And that's what Clarity InColour can do for you.


Clarity InColour was formed with the aim of simplifying colour and trend information across all industries while retaining its integrity and accuracy. We have a flexible business model developed with a network of global industry expert partners to deliver a completely bespoke package that’s right for your business.

We’d love to hear about your colour project needs whether they're in branding, materials, product, architecture, workshops or media content. We'll work with you to create the perfect solution. Contact us at



This network brings together thirty years expertise in:

Art direction
Colour management
Colour matching
Colour psychology
Colour rationalisation
Colour specification
Colour systems
Copy writing
Design Stratergy
Exhibition reports
Graphic design
Image generation
Marketing & design concepts
Material & surface inspiration
Point Of Sale
Print management
Product development
Qualitative Research
Surface Design
Trend analysis
Trend forecasting
Trend identification
Trend installations
Seminars & Workshops

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